Delighting The Customer? Is Facebook The Culprit?

Many of you know that I speak frequently of Liz Miller, VP of the CMO Council, but in today’s Marketing Magnified, she really takes on relevant, precise conversations to a new level.

So the question she succinctly poses is “how do you delight” a customer and the bigger trick, how do you measure this “delight”?  Liz blames Facebook in a humorous way.

I supposed this points back to the general sense that we want to be liked—which really is that Zuckerberg kid’s fault. A delighted customer will like us, and in their state of rapturous joy, they might become a fan, and then they may talk of their delight with others. Huzzah!

The solution according to Liz  - leverage Precision Marketing to improve communications.  If you have a chance catch the read.

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